Sunday, May 8, 2011

Forest felled just in time for Mother's Day

Three days, 1 dead mower, and a half dead trimmer, my backyard finally, (with a little more work tomorrow), looks like exactly that: a backyard. I have excuses for days about how/why I let it get this point, but the biggest, most realistic excuse is that I put every single other obligation in front of my need to cut my lawn. I work everyday with the youth of our community, I play in a Monday night golf league, it was raining (and it was), a ridiculous amount this year and on and on... The bottom line is that my "lawn" (mostly weeds at this point) has reached nearly 4 feet high and my poor dog had to carve out a small sanctuary, near the pine tree, to be able to exist out there during the day. These pics were taken yesterday when I was on the home stretch.

You might be asking how I let it get this bad, and my only answer Time works against me on a level where if I had only 2 more hours in a day I'd have it made. As it stands, our meager 24-hour day only allows for so much to happen, so many things have to be cut. Unfortunately, one of these many things is not my lawn:)

So, it's Mother's Day, and once again, I'm up before 7. It's not because I'm an early-bird, but because my little girl is always up before 7. During the week it's great because I never oversleep and miss work, but on the weekend, the only thing I want is for Roe to sleep past 7...
Once I finally dragged my "I only slept 5 hours" butt out of bed it was time to get Roe dressed, hair combed, to Safeway and back before Kate came downstairs. Clearly this was too ambitious a plan, because she was on her way down soon after we got home. The upside is that I got the flowers Roe picked out, and the presents on the table just in time.

 A funny little moment during breakfast

The entire goal of getting the yard done was so Kate could spend the day getting her garden in order. We headed to Hare Creek Nursery to get supplies...

Of course, she wanted to ride on the wagon
Ultimately, we got Kate's garden bed turned over and ready to plant while Roe took a nap. When she woke up, we finally planted her placenta under a lilac tree we bought, (better late that never). Roe had a blast finally being able to run around the backyard with Dag.
Time to feed the fish!
That last pic was from the last leg of the journey. We, of course, had to go wish my mother in law, Anne (otherwise known as Gaga), a Happy Mother's Day. Super bonus, they asked if we wanted to go get Thai food, so, naturally we had to go. It's been an incredibly long, productive day. Happy Mother's Day to all the hard working, under appreciated mothers out there, and check back in the next couple days for all the Chi Town fun from last week.
Baba's swing goes way higher than the one at the park
Roe munching on sour-grass and chatting with Gaga
You can't tell, but she' s watching the trailer for the new Winne the Pooh movie. No doubt that''ll be the first movie we take her to.

It's crazy how hard she focuses when she drawing.

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